Sunday, October 24, 2010

Canning away and a pregancy update

I have been canning like a little squirrel and am just about done with what I needed to get done for this year. Pears, spiced pears, applesauce and some tomato sauce have gotten put away for winter. I think I am done for the year. With less than 30 jars to show for it. It's odd for me (even while pregnant) to do this small an amount, but there are things that have stopped me dead in my tracks lately. Cyan's teeth thing, the bunny thing, and just having three homeschooled kids while being pregnant is enough for anybody. I am trying to be gentle on my canning side right now... but it is hard.

Honestly, I am just tired out. Pregnancy insomnia is kicking my butt (although I have finished an entire scarf in the middle of my sleepless nights which I will show soon) and I am having trouble getting enough water in me to keep my body happy.

25 wks now... more than half way there. This baby (current favorite name 'Lucas') has taken to tucking his sweet little head up into my ribs. Which isn't painful at all... but it means his sweet little feet are strait down... and that is.

He is doing great though! Ultrasound showed a 4th healthy and beautiful babe preparing to come into this world. Blood test showed that I am dehydrated (although I don't know HOW as I drink enough water to sail a ship) but other than that, all is well and nothing of note. He is growing and is estimated to be over a pound now (although that could be off by a half pound either way at this point). All good... I'm just beat.

In other news, I am gearing up for Christmas already... are you? I am going through craft books, web sites and my inspiration notebooks like mad looking for great ideas for gifts this holiday season. So quarts of applesauce and spiced pears are not all I find myself squirreling away. More later...




Anonymous said...

Val I have an idea or two for you on that Christmas thing. PLEASE call me (number on FB messages) Cousin Dana

Frannie said...

how do you make spiced pears??

Tealah said...

I know how you feel about the baby pains - I'm around week 34, and my little girl has had her head smooshed down and her legs and arms sticking me everywhere else for weeks now... very uncomfortable! And it's hard to want to hydrate with a baby sitting on your bladder, haha.

I am also getting ready for Christmas. I learned how to crochet while in the hospital a little while ago, so I'm working on crocheting a scarf for my sister, and blankets for my mother and mother in law... the blankets may be a bit overambitious since I haven't even started them yet but the scarf is coming along well.

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