Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A friend for Cyan

This is Tucker. He seems to have joined our family. He likes to come in the back door and steal things from the homeschool room. Cyan feeds him nuts and corn cobs, but his favorite are hazelnuts from last years stores.

I keep wondering if Cyan is going to get yet another crash course in Animal Husbandry life lessons from this little guy, but he has outsmarted the killer cats so far and currently, they have seem to have lost interest.

She looks so forlorn, but really she is waiting for her buddy to come back. She can even pet him. It's kind of amazing.

Lets hope the cats keep their interests in other places. She has had plenty of life lessons for one year.


1 comment

Anonymous said...

Wow. I really wanna see her pet him.... :)

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