Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ubber Canning

This year I have done very little canning. I made some jam at the start of the harvest season, did a couple jars of applesauce from extras we had, and froze a bunch of berries. That's about it. As the season has started to come to a close I have felt slightly panicked. But only slightly. Most of the stuff I did last season will sustain us through this one. We still have several jars of peaches, apple pie filling, green beans, frozen beets, and quite a few other things that will last us.

However, we are completely out of applesauce and tomato sauce. And just for fun, I decided to do pears for the new baby. This turned out to be a little bit more than I had bargained for at first. Because of course, what is a good canning weekend without a bunch of family drama? So emergency dentist came first, and I am just getting to the 5 boxes of produce I have in my kitchen today.

I have employed Alex and we are doing it all assembly line style. He is a great helper! First came the batch of pears (I have at least one more batch to go), then the two boxes of tomatoes for roasted tomato sauce... and last but not least, I will make the two boxes of apples into applesauce tomorrow.

And Thank goodness for the meal plan! As I am canning like mad, trying to pack away this wonderful bounty for the rest of the year, I can just hand the kids the binder and dinner is next to no work for me. I LOVE it!

Wish me luck, we are on box #2 of tomatoes and going strong!



Simple Mama said...

We didn't do much canning either. Some jam, some lemonade concentrates. I meant to do vanilla pears, but completely forgot. I'll have to see if I can still find some at our local markets. Tomoto Sauce. Eh...not going to happen this year. We just pulled our tomato plants last night.

ColorSlut said...

I'm so amazed with how much you are getting done while being with child. Keep it up girl!

Anna said...

I have several jars or your roasted tomato sauce in my freezer waiting to be enjoyed this winter. I love the smell of it!!! Good luck with all of your canning.

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