Thursday, November 4, 2010

The next step

We have walls! I am very happy about this. We will need a support beam in the front (which is bought, just not cut) and frame the door and the nesting box opening before we can put up the front wall so that will have to wait. But we have walls! Don't they look great?

The bitties have seriously enjoyed all their free time in the garden these last few days while we have been working. They have cleared out one bed for me and another is half done. The rest of the time they just hang out and do chicken stuff. It is really fun to watch them. They play hide and seek and when the hider is found, she will jump out and 'challenge' the seeker. It's better than tv, I swear. :)

We took today off. We spent the whole day at the park with the kids. Alex skateboarded around while Logan perfected his swinging ability and Cyan tried to get across the monkey bars both ways.

As you can see, it was far too beautiful to stay inside.

Hope you are all having a beautiful Thursday!




ColorSlut said...

They look fantastic roaming through the garden!

Frannie said...

the coop looks great Val! My husband and I have been rethinking a different covered coop idea due to the abundance of rain here on the coast. our girls only have a 4x4 covered area under a raised nest boxes...not enough! yours has helped us get ideas. thanks!

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