Friday, December 17, 2010

Advent - Days 10 - 14

This week got thrown off a little by the absolutely amazingly horrible weather and baking hundreds of cookies. We have had downpours nearly all week long, and at night, we get wind storms that have now blown down most of our fence between us and the neighbors. It's crazy! Today we were all excited that it wasn't actually raining, but it was just drizzle and cloudy. lol!

Day 10: Watching Christmas movie with popcorn and a treat

I rented The Sesame Street Christmas Story for the kids. They loved it!

Day 11: A surprise outing!

We went to see Narnia in the theater! (We don't ever take the kids to the theater so that was super special and the gesture got lots of squealing and bouncing as we pulled in). I even bought Turkish Delights for the occasion and we sat in the theater, happy as clams and watched my favorite childhood book turned movie. It was wonderful!

Day 12: Go shopping for mommy with daddy

I didn't get pictures of this one, cuz I couldn't be there. ;) But the kids and Don went out and got me 'something'...

Day 13: Zoo lights with hot cider

Skipped this due to not wanting to end up soaking wet walking through the zoo in horrible weather, but Alex is keeping track of what we are not doing and we will do it after Christmas. Instead, we got another Christmas movie, It's a Wonderful Life, and I let them eat in front of the tv, another rare thing. Then we had a cookie from the batch I was baking. They were very happy about it all and said it felt like camping.

Day 14: Paper hearts and bake something yummy!

I lined this event up perfectly with having to send all the cookies out. My willing helpers were HUGE help, and honestly, they bake better than I do already.

Logan was sweet and helpful too, in his own sweet toddler way:


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Kate said...

Going to see the Zoolights is on our list too but I don't think it's going to happen. Xander has been under the weather and walking around Pt. Defiance in the cold air just sounds like a bad idea. I'll remember it for next year's list. Our ornament making has been a no-go to, turns out putting his hand in plaster and putting paint on his hand leads to screaming. Of all the things to freak out about-- this was not one I expected! The treats look yummy!

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