Friday, December 24, 2010

Advent ~ Days 19 - 22

#19: Skating at the roller rink

Didn't do this one. We have it on our list, but I would have had to take the kids by myself and I was beat from all of the cooking, cleaning, and shopping that also had to be done. It is now in the 'to do' list for Jan.

#20: Fantasy lights with hot cocoa

What a fun show this year! The drive through was especially nice. :)

#21: Christmas cookies for the neighbors

This was a fun treat! We finished up all the packages and got the neighbors their sweet treats while getting most of the sugary stuff out of the house. Of course, I had forgotten about the next days craft:

#22: Fruit and Nuts dipped in Chocolate

So much for the no sugar thing.... we tucked most of these fruits dipped in chocolate into gift and care packages, but we still got a dose of sugar that day... and it was good! I followed it up with a nice big dinner salad and some homemade lentil soup with fresh bread for dinner.

Logan was THRILLED with his job of putting on the sprinkles. He would get ahead of the dippers and say "Hey guys... I got no more to sprinkle!"



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HomemadeMother said...

Love the idea of dipping fruit and nuts in chocolate. So simple yet elegant. I'll have to remember this for next year.

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