Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's all about the packaging...

As I said in the previous post, I don't bake often. But man, I package well. This week has been filled with baking and frosting and all sorts of things I don't have a lot of confidence in doing, so to put it all together in a beautiful package that is ready to go was such a treat for me this morning!

First, I put the 'sturdy' (ie: not as crumbly) cookies on the bottom. These are chocolate fudge crackle cookies (think brownies... addictive!), perfectly baked sugar cookies (boy was I proud of these!), and little gingerbread snowflakes with royal icing. In the center is a mix of Belgian chocolates that I bought to fill in the gaps.

The second layer is alternating between cinnamon roll cookies (so good!) and chocolate chip, with a bunch of chocolate truffles tucked in, and in the center, a treat cup of chocolate covered shortcake Christmas trees.

I placed all of this inside a beautiful red gift tin from Micheal's (I looked at the used ones but thought that if I didn't know what came in them or what they had been used for, sending food in them just wasn't safe). Then I hot glued a beautiful ribbon across the top of the tin, and placed a tiny picture frame with "Merry Christmas from the (almost) half-dozen Roses" in the frame to top it off.

I think they make pretty good gifts, don't you?




Pam... said...

Beautiful and so creative! I agree with you! Packaging: in gifts, foods and even little sweet areas in our home makes all the difference. It's the idea of present-ation. LOL! Keep it up Val.

Shirley said...

SUPER cute! And those cookies look amazing!

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