Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back to reality & 37wk belly!

The reality that I could have this baby any second came crashing down yesterday when I went to see the midwife and she said he is finally 'fully engaged and LOW'... even with the homebirthing status, I am considered 'ready' under all counts. I am truely going to have this baby 'any minute'.

I feel as though I am ready on many levels and yet so NOT on so many others. I haven't been nesting. Which is strange for me... but when I look at it logically, of course I haven't! I have been moving rooms around, throwing huge children's parties, and homeschooling. Who has time to nest? The lack of nesting has kinda thrown me off though. The baby clothes are washed, we have the birth kit, and the car seat is ready and clean. But even those things are tucked away still. Not beautifully taken care of and purposefully displayed like they were with all of my other children.

The huge to-do lists we had going there for a while have dwindled to a trickle... the one for the party is gone, the one for the house rearrange and small remodel is gone. Now it is just the finishing touches and clean up on those two huge projects. The other one, the get ready for baby one, has not even gotten one thing ticked off yet. And it's time. So today is the day. Time to start getting ready for baby in earnest.

I am feeling alright. Ok, no more uncomfortable than I have been for the past 9 mos. ;) Sleep is still my biggest issue, but even that has leveled out to something that is now 'normal' and I know how to cope. I am looking forward to sharing all of the knitting I have been getting done in the middle of the night!

A question to those of you with big families: Have you experienced less of the nesting urge as you have had more kids? If so, do you think it is just the fact that there is so much more going on in your life/house or something deeper that has been satisfied with the others and doesn't need as much pampering this time?




Sarah said...

I had hardly any nesting urges this past time. A few spurts in the middle but none at the end. I waited for it, thinking it would hit and give me the sign that she was REALLY close to being born...but no. Not sure why though

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Hi Sarah! <3

Conversation over on facebook if you would like to join in there too... but I think a lot has to do with homeschooling and just being busy. Plus, we were both super surprised by these newest members... so our lack of planning could have something to do with still feeling a bit of shock. lol! I know I am.

Midwife said not to beat myself up...

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Some of it gets to be a matter of old hat, I think. You have most of the stuff already, it's just a matter of pulling it out, and setting it back up. I know with my last two, right at the end, I had dreams of them arriving to a house with no baby blankets, clothes, or diapers. Somehow it all comes together though. Enjoy the last few quiet minutes with your older children, and baby your "baby" while you can :)

The Family FIve said...

When it came time to give birth to me last child, it felt like on the way to the hospital like "oh yeah, by the way, we're going to have a baby today." I pretty much lost the whole nesting thing. I agree with the others, at that point we're busy with other kids, and have a lot of the baby things already.

Jill said...

I agree with everyone - no time for nesting! :) Plus, you just know more what your are doing by the later children. You are more efficient getting ready for baby. You don't have to dwell on all the choices because you already have done it with the other children. You look wonderful! Thank you for sharing this special time in your life.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks guys. I am feeling better about it now. The real issue is this: I was afraid that the lack of my "normal" response to being this pregnant meant I wasn't "working right". You know?

I have two very distinct halves to my brain at all times. The "logical" side that wholeheartedly agrees knows that all babies really need is blankets, boobs, and diapers and that is where most of the mamas in the world put their focus because that is all they can do. And then the "emotional" side that says 'even when we had nothing I prepared more than this' and it makes me think I may still be from the utter shock of this unplanned pregnancy and therefore not reacting aptly for this sweet little person who is going to be given to me very very soon.

Either way, I am feeling better now that I have heard a few responces and it is more 'normal' than I thought it was.



Erika said...

Oh, Val! You look so beautiful! This is such an exciting time. I know what everyone means about "old hat." I have been saying that, too. I am expecting baby # 3 later this summer. I keep saying this one will be a breeze. All my mom friends just laugh and roll their eyes, but I really feel that way. I just think that I have so much going on right now, I can't even get wrapped up in it yet. Now, that's not to say that a few months from now I won't be freaking out and washing my! I think after having my first 2 so close together and both of them being unplanned, this one is almost a relief. I say you just work on feeling really good right now. You look great, you are doing great, everything is going to be great! Plus, it is nice to have this support system here. Not to mention your super-great family! Keep us posted, lady! May you be blessed with good health and a relaxing, easy birth. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh Val, Just look at you!
With 3 children I hardly qualify, but dang, I was so busy if I felt like nesting I don't remember. How are you able to throw a party, remodel and keep your sanity?
Do keep us posted though, because I am so very happy for you.
Living vicariously, Te

Anonymous said...

I have nested a bit this pregnancy but not as much as in the past.I haven't taken on any major projects to past disasters and learning my limits. I did have help from my older boys moving some furniture due to necessity of a space for babies clothes and cradle. I think I have paced myself quite well over the 7 months I have been expecting. By the way, ggod for you with the DIY projects and I have the same feelings about over pricing and marketing. Thrifting has been a blessing for me and I have found everything I need 2nd hand.

Amber said...

You look so beautiful!

Stephanie Griffith said...

I think, as others have said, the nesting instinct is just filled by your daily activities of life. Look at your life. Creativity and domestic endeavors are total second nature to you.

Plus I don't know about you but being pregnant with three other kids is kind of knocking me on my butt with exhaustion. :)

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