Saturday, January 8, 2011

How many to-do lists can a pregnant woman have before going mad?

I am to that point. The point in which if anything requires brain power, I forget it. If it requires lifting, I drop it. And if it requires effort, I just can't seem to get it done. I don't know a single woman this hasn't happened to in the last 5 wks of pregnancy... but for me, it is a phase that may as well be labeled 'hell'. I hate not being able to do things. I hate being sick, tired, or anything that may stop me from my daily chores. Not that I don't take breaks.... I really and honestly do. But these weeks of my body dedicating itself wholeheartedly to nothing but growing a tiny human... well I am not a huge fan.

Logically, I know what my body is doing, I understand why I am so tired, why I drop things, and why I can't seem to think in a strait line to save my life. But my life hasn't changed. I still have three homeschooled kids. I still have a husband with a horrible schedule. I still have three meals to make every day for 5 people, and I still have a little boy with a birthday the day I turn 37 wks and library books to remember to take back, (currently our fees between the two libraries is close to $50. I wonder if they will take the 'I'm crazy pregnant and just slept instead of check my email notifications' excuse?). Those things don't go on maternity leave.

So, per usual, I have started to make lists. The first one had to do with Logan's birthday. Birthday's are SUCH a big deal in my house that I couldn't shirk Logan's #4 just like I couldn't shirk Alex's #5 which happened a week after Cyan was born 9 1/2 years ago. I pulled on my big girl panties and started planning and omgosh! How it all fell together so beautifully I have no idea, but just wait till you see all the little things I was able to find (with the help of some really amazing friends who understand my birthday craziness).

The second had to do with food. For the past few weeks I have been making LOTS of soup. To the point where my family is starting to complain. But soup is EASY. Even when homemade and it is usually packed full of veggies, which is all I want to eat right now. However, listening to my family being a must, I decided to make a two week 'maternity menu list' that we will cycle through. And guess what... only three soups on it. ;)

The newest one has been a list of things to get ready before baby. As you may well know, we are switching every room in our house around to accommodate this newest member (even though he may not be sleeping in it for months). Cyan is moving to her own room, Alex is moving to the office, and the office is being spread around the house. This has created chaos. Akin to moving the entire house to a new location, but nothing so organized because I can not lift, paint, or move anything. So I am relying on weekends, my teen and husband, and delegation of larger portions of the transitions to hired help (ie: guys from Alex's youth group who we are paying in a small fee and pizza).

I post things I am doing on facebook and get varied responses "you are my hero" has been one and "you are going to hurt yourself" has been another. I am trying very hard for neither to be true. I don't need to go to superhuman lengths to get this stuff done and I DO need to remember that growing a tiny human is more important than whether Alex has the right color trim in his room. But both feel very important to me. Nesting has a different flavor in each pregnancy and this one has me wanting everything to be done right. this. second. Is this urgency a sign that the baby will be colicky or perhaps not sleep at nights (Lord knows I haven't been... but I have been knitting wool balls with my sleepless hours... back to nesting...). I have no idea. All I know is this urge to have everything in it's place and all things done correctly seems more and more urgent by the day.

Can I get some advice? What were some things that helped those of you who have moved at the end of pregnancy? Or had a transition like this or a schedule that seems completely counter intuitive to a 'normal' one? I would love some BTDT advice that I can bite off and think on for a while.

Hope all of your weekends are going well! Many blessings, and I will have pictures of the birthday party stuff up soon. :)




Jenny said...

Val- I am prepping for my last semester at school and a ridiculously large courseload (just so I can finally finish). I've been thinking in advance like putting all the Valentine stuff together in the basement and labeling it so someone else can find it when needed. Lots of frozen casseroles too. Best of luck to you! I think we've all been through the pregnant crazies. Don't be too hard on yourself. You're doing a wonderful job!

Kelly said...

I completely understand!

My advice is delegate, delegate, delegate and only do what you have to do. That means deciding what needs to be done now, how perfectly it needs to be done, what can be done halfway and what can wait until later.

Good luck sorting things into categories, and hang in there!

erika~ the inspired mama said...

oh mama. HUGE HUGS!!! being a mama is hard work and you are doing a fantastic job taking care of you little people. before you know it your arms will be full of sweet, baby boy and your home full of proud big siblings and nothing else will matter!

sending love,
erika ♥

ps... are we facebook friends? i don't think we are!! please find me! erika knipe :)

ColorSlut said...

Hugs. You are almost there. I know it doesn't really help - but you are so close!!

chelsea said...

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