Sunday, January 23, 2011

Superhero birthday party ~ Part 1

This party was a BLAST! All the details you can find with a theme like this can nearly overwhelm you. Planning was slightly challenging due to the fact that Logan wanted a very obscure superhero to base his party on; Green Arrow!

If you don't know Green Arrow, you are not alone. I didn't know who he was two months ago. Basically he is a superhero version of Robin Hood that is in the Justice League with Superman. Logan saw the Justice League and was hooked!

Just for ease, I ended up using a more generic superhero theme in the end, but there were many 'green' details and the fabulous cake my friend made him was all Green Arrow themed, which thrilled Logan to no end!

First up: The Invitations!

These invites were mailed out in plain manila envelopes with labels for each 'potential superhero' in the household and mailed from "The League of Superheros ~ Training Dept."

Next up: The entryway.

As the kids walked through the door this is what they saw. Once again I used the library to enhance my theme. These graphic novels were perfect to add something to the shelves. (I had to look in the kids and teens graphic novels before I found appropriate images that wouldn't scare kids though... just food for thought.) The apothecary jars were $1 at Micheal's and I filled them with every day candies as Superpower Enhancing Pills.

On the other side of the hallway is where the coat hooks are and as the kids came in they got to trade their coats for a cape and a mask! My best friend and I got together and made a set for each kid coming to the party. (Thank you Sarah! You ROCK!)

To Be Continued...



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LazyMama said...

What did you make the masks and capes out of?
Great party!

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