Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh thank you hormones... you can go away now.

I am feeling very bi-polar right now. Just as I am between my pregnancy size and my pre-pregnancy size, I am very obviously between pregnancy hormones and the hormones of the not pregnant. This causes mood swings and preferences that only a woman can understand.

And another strange thing... I am cold ALL THE TIME. What is up with that? I have turned up the heat in my house due to new baby and all that, and I am STILL sitting here, wearing three tops, a pair of jeans (only one size bigger than my pre-pregnancy jeans! Woot!), knee socks and shoes. And still cold. Am currently making myself a cup of tea. I'd love to blame it on weight loss, but as I am still currently holding a nice layer of 'belly and thigh' I doubt that's it. Perhaps it's the fact that I am not carrying around a mini-human heater, but I don't remember it being this dramatic with my other children.

Any tips for strange post pregnancy issues?




Jenny said...

After my 3rd was born, my thyroid went out of wack. I now have hypothyroidism. One of its curses is not being able to regulate body temperature so I am cold most of the time. Now, I'm not saying you have hypothyroidism AT ALL, BUT, the thyroid controls hormones and since my off hormones cause me to be cold, I wouldn't doubt that your hormone shift post partum could be the reason behind your constant chills. I bet when all the hormones start leveling out properly, you'll warm up.

Erin Maria said...

I was cold frequently after I had my son. It went away after a month or two. Its probably a mixture of hormones and no longer having your own personal belly heater :)

Anonymous said...

I think the cold feeling has to do with estrogen production and your hormones being out of wack. Could be related to thyroid or post partum hormones don't let it go and blow it off talk to your OB/ Gyn. Not trying to scare you but you shouldn't have to deal with that and try to manage new baby, family this, too. I had progesterone issues after one of my daughters.

dezreen said...

Try taking a bath to soak & warm up your core - bring little one along, too if you need to. As others posted, I'm wondering if it is your hormones messing with your temperature. Hopefully it will be short lived!

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