Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sweet dreams... and goodbye to regular food.

Sleep. Such a beautiful thing. And it has been very rare for me to get good sleep for the past 10 months. That was my biggest complaint when pregnant and it has continued into the newborn phase for me. I honestly don't mind getting up a few times a night with the baby. He is so sweet... even at 3am. But lately he has taken to waking up vomiting. That is less fun. And when he is asleep he sounds as though he is in pain. Grunts and movements are normal, but when it turns to whimpering and small cries while still asleep it makes me sad (and also keeps me awake). He sleeps very lightly also. It is pretty clear he has been hurting.

This happened with Logan as well. We had a hard second week until I started an elimination diet to see what was bugging his new little system.

With Logan it was dairy. And blissfully it didn't last forever. (Not sure what I would do without my summer brie, garden tomatoes and basil... I may just wither and die.) By the time he was 4 mos I could eat cheese and yogurt again, and Logan has never been lactose sensitive sense he started eating grown up food... but with Luke, the milk exclusion hasn't been helping. So each night, as he throws up due to whatever is bothering him and he wakes starving... because once again, his tummy is empty. This has happened for two days... about every 45 minutes... all night long.

Time for me to be a food sleuth. I have broken my diet down to nearly nothing, and everything caustic is eliminated. Peppers, dark green leafies (which I love), even portions of meat that have been marinated have been removed. The idea is to eat brown/orange/yellow stuff for a few days, then add in other things to see what he is reacting to. Hopefully I find it. Because there is only so long one can function with such broken sleep and I think I hit my limit a while ago.

So today's diet consisted of Luna bar, half a cup of coffee, mixed raw nuts (cashews and almonds), and rice with butter. I am making a sweet potato and having a tiny bit of pasta with ham for dinner. I really hope this makes tonight easier for both of us.

Because tomorrow Don goes back to work.




Anonymous said...

But....butter is dairy..... :(

Erin Maria said...

So sorry to hear this, I hope things get better soon. I remember the days of no sleep, we didn't have this problem but some serious bf problems. I was up constantly with my son the first 2 1/2 weeks. Boy do they feel like they last forever. Wishing you all some well needed blissful sleep!

Unknown said...

Have you looked into the possibility that he has acid reflux? Our baby did, and when we started him on Xantac (which I didn't want to do at first...) he clearly felt better. Whatever it is, I hope he feels better soon and you can start getting more sleep!! He's precious!

Aiming4Simple said...

I feel for you. My youngest two had MSPI symptoms and I had to give up dairy, soy, citrus, eggs, and gassy vegetables. So not fun. But the peace was worth it. Hang in there!

Alli said...

Good luck! It's all so frustrating with everything it could be. My baby has major reflux and doesn't like wheat. He doesn't like dairy either but wheat is the major one.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

So last night was MUCH better. He slept pretty soundly, only waking up normally and going back to sleep until abut 5am when he got very restless. If I went back to the very last thing I ate last night... it was chocolate. :( So that's out for today. And we will hope it just gets better tonight.



Kelly said...

Good luck! I had similar problems with my son, too, when he was 2-3 weeks old. I eliminated just about everything that wasn't bland, including garlic and chocolate. Coffee, too. It seemed to do the trick!

Kelly @ Creating a Family Home

Shirley said...

Hope that you figure out it out quickly! I was thinking acid reflux, too. We used Prevacid after many others and it worked the best!

Anonymous said...

Great job Val on elimination! I know it is hard and you are so tired! But I gotta say you are doing super!

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