Friday, April 1, 2011

My sweet babe is ‘talking’


Luke has started ‘talking’ lately.  The baby babble is turning into deliberate chatting with things.  

I haven’t had a baby that liked mobiles before, or a baby that enjoyed swings before, but Luke has changed all of that.  He LOVES his swing… much more than his vibrating chair (which was my other three children’s resting place of choice).  Currently, as he sits in his swing, he has been talking with his hanging critters and seriously enjoying it.  I am trying to get video of this serious cuteness, but so far, these pictures are all I have gotten.


He’s just so very lovely!  I can’t tell you how taken we all are with him.  <3



Brie said...

He is absolutely beautiful!!!

Frannie said...

he's do stinkin cute! have fun with him

Nessa said...

He's a doll Val. What a beautiful family. ;o)

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