Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DF/SF me ~ Almond ‘Whipping Cream’

In the joys of being dairy free there are a few major drawbacks.  Whipping cream being one of them.  Luckily, I always have raw almonds on hand and I learned a trick in our tighter budget days.  If we were without the quickly perishable whipping cream, I would make this smooth almond ‘cream’ instead.  We all love it, I already know how to make it, and it is completely dairy free.


Ingredients:  Raw almonds, almond milk (water works just fine), and maple syrup.

This is my strategy.  First I soak the almonds in water overnight.


Then I peel the almonds.  The skins come off very easily.  With just a little pressure they ‘pop’ out of the skins.  Be careful… a few could end up flying across your kitchen!


I just cover the peeled almonds with almond milk or water and add 1 Tbs of maple syrup (add 2 Tbs if you are using plain water).


Then I stick blend away!  It takes several minutes to get the right consistency, but it is completely worth it.  With in a few minutes, you have sweet ‘cream’ that you can put on pancakes, crepes, etc. 


You can do this easily in a blender or a Vitamix, but I love my stick blender because it doesn’t dirty up another dish.  Just the mason jar, and I can store it in the jar too!


Kids tested, mother approved!  ;)



Callista said...

how many almonds? looks like at least a cup... how much does this yield?

i have a giant bag of almonds that i can use for this... can i do it with rice milk?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I just cover the almonds with the milk, and don't measure the almonds. But I would guess I use abou a cup and a half? In the end it was about a cup and a half of cream. :)



Mama Goose said...

what a wonderful idea! We have lots of almonds and almond milk. I cam going to try it! (It will surely help my diet) ;-)

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