Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Learning to Fly… kites


The first three days we were here at the Beach House was pouring down rain.  We have spent much of our vacation relaxing, making s’mores, sipping tea, running to the beach for half hour long jaunts (until it started raining again), and playing endless board games….

Cyan playing with Dominos during a very rainy trip to the beach

So when we saw sun yesterday evening it was a VERY exciting event.  :)  We immediately went to the beach to fly kites.

At first, Alex and I tried.  Our kite smashed into the beach over and over and over again.  We both got small injuries on our fingers from the spinning kite string holder and by the time we were done we were both sweating and super frustrated!  We called in local help:


This is Hailee…


…and within minutes she had her kite flying so happily that she tied it to a piece of driftwood and came and helped us fly ours!



Between her and Alex it wasn’t long before our kite was flying happily too.  I look forward to learning how to fly our kite this evening from these 14 year old experts!


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