Friday, May 27, 2011

Sorry to be absent…

I have been dealing with some pretty serious health issues.  On the 18th of March I stopped my post partum bleeding.  Just 13 days later, on the first of April I got my first post pregnancy cycle.  Then 12 days later, I got another.  14 days after that I started a third.  19 days after that (on the 24th of May) I got period #4. 

Last week (just before period #4) I started having trouble with being really shaky.  It wasn’t that I was weak… I could engage my muscles when I thought about it (and have continued to exercise every morning through all of this)… it was the fact that I had to think about it.  I would start to get up out of a chair and I would have to think about moving my legs to get me out of the chair without being shaky and feeling weak.  It was the oddest thing. 

When this phenomenon got worse and then I started period #4 I decided that the help of a naturopath was necessary. 

She said:  “So it seems that everything that is going on is centered around your abnormal periods and recent diet changes.  If you are not currently severely anemic, you will be.”  She then took a blood test for iron, vit D, Thyroid function, and other deficiencies. 

Soooooooooooo…. I have been giving up everything that isn’t essential (unfortunately, that means things like this blog when you have 4 homeschooled kiddos).  I am on two different herbal tinctures for female hormone regulation, several different vitamins and oils to give me the boost I need and I am trying to get lots of rest (although, once again, that means very little when you have 4 homeschooled children). 

During my rest breaks this week, I have gone through a whole season of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix… and I may continue on.  Between 7 seasons of that and me sticking to my herb and vitamin plan, I am hoping to be feeling just great in two weeks… and hopefully period #5 will come LONG after that.



Frannie said...

Oh my! take your time, get better. I do admit I was missing your posts but you definitely NEED to take a rest and find a good balance. Hope everything works itself out soon!

Cat J B said...

I hope everything evens out for you soon, there's nothing like out-of-whack hormones to make a mum's job just that little bit more difficult. I am trying to get my hormones back on track too, after the recent stillbirth of our baby boy....if you have any good ideas, or find things that work well, please let us out here in bloggy world know.

Best wishes and rest up.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Frannie, Thank you. :) I am hoping it all works itself out without much more intervention. Already the vitamins are helping me feel a bit more in control of my muscles and a bit less fatigued... I am just hoing it continues. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Cat J B, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your baby! (((gentle hug))) I will for sure let people know what is working and I will be sending you blessings of peace and healing for you, inside and out. (((hugs)))

Paper Boy said...

Finally the healing can truly begin.

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