Sunday, May 1, 2011

What I love about you ~ Logan, 4 yrs & 3 months


I love your spirit.  You have SUCH personality.  You can make anyone laugh.  And you don’t mind laughing at yourself.

I love your wit.  You are quite the smart little cookie.

I love your view of the world.  It’s all a game.  If I set a timer to make you go faster, somehow, that is the sugar to your spoonful of medicine. 

I adore the way you draw!  Your creatures that you create are so alive and full of fun. 

I love that you eat three breakfasts most mornings.  My sweet little Hobbit.

Most of all, I love that you are not afraid to be you.  Ever.  You will ask for the things you want and fight for what you believe in and I can see that carrying you through many of the trials of life. 

You are beautiful, my sweet little boy!


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Committed Recycler said...

I love this post. I grew up with a very verbally affectionate mother, and my fondest memories of childhood are sometimes narrated with her best observations of me. I have tried, as a mother, to imitate this, and it's easy most days. I especially love and relate to you referring to your son as a sweet little hobbit. My youngest sister once woefully complained that she was starving, having only eaten three times that day (it was 11am). These days, when rummaging through the cupboards for a snack, we will say that we can't find anything suitable for second breakfast or elevensies.
Thank you for sharing about your family.

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