Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Answering questions about the bread

Here is a second loaf of same bread recipe (the recipe is here).  The first one I let it rise in a oiled loaf pan and did not add steam into the oven. Below I did it just like the recipe calls for with the steam and the corn meal covered stone to cook.  Two totally different loaves of bread, both delicious and wonderful!

_MG_8738_thumb[1]This one we had with soup. Smile



Zaira said...

which method do you prefer?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I really like both honestly. I have found that different loaves are for different things... like the honey wheat sandwich bread is best after completely cooled and sliced, the stone breads are great with salad or soup... something to suck up the drips. ;) And the basic recipe in the loaf pan is really just for eating. I am going to try the peasent bread recipe today for the first time with the rye flour (I have just used all whole and unbleached before) and see what comes of that. And then I am moving on to borche! It requires a LOT of butter though.... so I am still debating if I should make it due to not being able to really eat it. It is Borche afterall. I may not be able to resist!



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