Sunday, June 26, 2011

Honey Snob


Over the past three years I have become accustomed to getting raw, Washington produced honey for about $3/lb.  My friends and I discovered Timmon’s Honey in 2008 and haven’t looked back since.  This honey is AMAZING!  We have tried every kind you can imagine.  Blackberry, raspberry, cranberry, pumpkin, clover, fireweed, buckwheat… they all have their different colors and flavors just like wine! 

The one pictured is Pumpkin Honey.  It has a strong cinnamon flavor which is great for putting in tea, but not so great for spreading on bread.  The best on bread (in my opinion) is the berry honey.  My favorite being Cranberry.  Yum!  We usually have three to four type of honey on hand at all times.  Some for spreading, some for baking, some for putting on oatmeal and even others for tea.  The duel purpose ones have started to become my least favorite… like getting a basic white wine when what the meal would be better paired with something specific.  I fear I have become somewhat of a honey snob.  :P

I have been blessed to know of this honey producer in my area already, but I hadn’t, how would I have found one?  Well, first I would have started with talking to a farmers market honey seller.  If I couldn’t find a honey seller at my local farmers market, I would look here:

Local Harvest - Honey

Honey Search Forum

Do you have a honey producer in your area?  What is your favorite kind of honey?



Tracey said...

Sounds wonderful. We have some great local farmers selling honey..have to try a different kind this year! A delicious post!!

Cat J B said...

Hubby and I are thinking about talking to our friends who have a farm about an hour away, about us keeping some bees on their property. Our own honey, how cool would that be?! I love honey!

mandi said...

Did you say $3 a POUND?!?! That is fantastic! I have had major trouble finding a honey supplier round here. But I love honey, and I'd take any of the flavors you mentioned here!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I know Mandi! It's a great price for ANY honey...not just the good stuff. I have been beyond thrilled to live next to this guy. And that is the new high price too... it was $15 for 6 lbs for years!



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