Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In my garden - 8:42am on June 21st


We have been working a lot on the yard.  I moved the roses to the back of the patio and patched the big holes in the grass.  I have been spraying the patio roses every morning with a mix of water and worm tea to make them thrive through the transition. We have weeded out the front lavender beds and are planning to remove the dying plants and put in something with a bit more year round color.  I have been scouting garden arches and trellis ideas.   The weather is getting better and the yard is getting more and more beautiful!


The flowers are in full bloom and making the yard brighter with every sweet budding face.


We have even started getting out very first harvest.  All the veggies are ready for the first seasons salad!


Happy Gardening!!


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Luisa said...

All that budding green and flowers is so motivating.

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