Monday, June 6, 2011

My biggest harvest of 2011…

happened in February:


Last night I played with Luke as he worked HARD on his hand/eye coordination. I would slowly move a toy in front of him and he would shake he was trying so hard to grab it… and then his hands would slowly move and grab the toy I was holding. His eyes would cross he was working so hard! It was pretty much the most adorable thing I have ever seen. Then, when we were about to get in the shower, I took off his shirt and he started to belly laugh. That was the most adorable thing!


I just couldn’t help myself… I had to post these pictures of yesterday’s shoot too.  Bare with me…. I am totally in love with this baby!


Can’t you just picture those wiggly toes? 


This is the ‘I’m all done with this now’ face.  Very quickly it is accompanied by shaking arms, leg kicking, and a very serious grunting.  I also find this adorable.  He is such a sweet baby!   I may never again post about anything else. 


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