Sunday, June 19, 2011

Online inspiration ~ Button Bracelets

I have been finding so many amazing things from my surfing around the web lately that I am feeling completely inspired!  Today, the baby was sleeping, the kids were playing outside in this beautiful day we were having and I was cleaning.  I ran across a box of buttons from my friends wedding that I usually let Logan play with.  But having seen this tutorial recently, I thought of something else to do with them:  Button Bracelets


I made Cyan’s in all her favorite colors; blue, white, and green.  And for Logan:


I found a special Monster button and coordinated all his buttons around that.  They have been wearing them all morning long.  I think they were a hit!


So much so that 20 minutes later I had my own! 


  • Make sure you put each button on separately.  That allows the elastic to stretch.
  • Make the elastic circle first.  It seems logical that since you are laying the buttons out that you would put them on while the elastic wasn’t sewn in a circle… but this way is harder.  And it is also easier to cover the two attached edges with a button if that is the first button you put on.

Happy Crafting!



Sewn Together said...

Love those! What a great idea, and they would fit perfectly tucked into one of your pop top cans!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Sewn Together ~ That's brillant! I'll have to remember that! <3

Tracey said...

what a great the new use of buttons.. I can't imagine how many different buttons to use for so many different looks...

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