Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tea ‘n’ Surf ~ Some Etsy Love

cottage shelf wood shabby chic vase hooks industrial Metallic Silver - Silver Hks

I just love the style of this Cottage Shelf by OldNewAgain

Small Allium Table lamp

I have so been looking for an excuse to get myself one of these incredible lamps by HannahNunn

organic waldorf 7-8

And how cute is this green teether with rainbow hair? I think Luke may need one. By SewnNatural

Bird & Nest - Story Stone Set

I have done decoupage on rocks before but this is an incredibly cute idea for story starters. Story Starter Stones! By RedBirdCrafts

I love how inspiring what other people’s creations can be for my crafty side!

On that note, I would like to introduce you to my new favorite timesuck:


I have so enjoyed being able to ‘pin’ all of my creative inspiration on my Pinterest boards! The one for birthday parties alone is going to save me TONS of printer ink! I would have filed all these away in my inspiration notebooks. I have two birthday’s in July and all of the party ideas are right there at one click. It’s genius!

If you would like an invite to Pinterest just comment with your email address and I will happily send you one right out! Happy Pinning!



Trisha R said...

I'd love an invite to Pinterest. Looks so interesting!


Looney Family said...
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Val in the Rose Garden said...

Done and Done! <3

Jennifer said...

Me too! And thanks for the great etsy links. I am looking for wedding ideas for our beach wedding in July if you want to shop around for me!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Jennifer, put "beach wedding" into pinterest... trust me... you will find TONS of amazing ideas that you will love with links to follow. It's like my new favorite thing...

Check this out:

Message in a bottle invites! That is the coolest invite ever!



Margo B said...

oh I shouldn't as I fear I will spend more time online but I've decided perhaps it will just make me more efficient

thanks in advance for the invite

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Margo, you may, or it may give you a place to come back to when you see something that you love and have the time. That is what it has done for me recently. Although at first, it was a total timesuck!

Everyone's invite is sent!


Julie said...

I would love an invite to Pinterest. My email address is spedrson @ hotmail dot com


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