Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yummy baby toes, Mother Earth News, & feeling better


I am feeling much better.  My vitamins and supplements are making it more possible for me to feel energetic without getting shaky.

Yesterday it got up to 79* and the blaring sun felt fantastic!  Today it is 56* and cloudy… but oh well.  Yesterday was beautiful! 

I spent the day at the Mother Earth News fair in Puyallup.  I was asked to do a ice cream demo for Organic Valley and for my first time… um… it wasn’t horrible.  lol!  I forgot my notes, and had the crowd laughing as I had to run back stage to get them, I didn’t have a good grasp on just how many kids were supposed to be there (there were just over a hundred) and how little they would be (average age was about 5) and the ice cream machine was HARD to turn so most of them couldn't physically do it.  I started out behind and trying to catch up… but in the end I think the kids had a good time and they definitely enjoyed the ice cream trivia I had brought, loved talking into the microphone and telling me their favorite types of ice cream, and loved sitting and eating the ice cream.  It was a learning experience for sure, but I think that for my first presentation in over a year and my very first that was nearly this long (it was 45 minutes!) I did ok. 

I laugh at myself a lot these days.  ‘Learning Curve’ pretty much sums up my life right now.  Not a lot of good days, but TONS of good stories.  And most of them I laugh to myself and be happy we got trough it.

There is just so much… all the time, everywhere.  In the last week I have given my children their standardized tests for school (which is a full day each), finished painting Cyan’s room and putting up the decals that she picked, and spent two days preparing for this presentation that ended up being a lot more involved and specific than I thought… and that’s just the stuff that isn’t day to day. 

But I feel so much more emotionally even than I have in the past.  I am setting in place and adjusting plans and programs to make my world run more smoothly.  Most of these are always in effect and always being tweaked for some season or another, so I don’t find this ‘hard’, I just find it ‘life’. 


I took pictures of my little boys yesterday.  I will be sharing more of them as soon as I get the photo editing finished, and I LOVE how they turned out.  A bright spot in my week for sure.  My garden is growing alarmingly fast this spring and I can’t wait to show you all the beautiful things we have planned there (a walk-though will follow soon).  I have projects coming out of my ears, but they are all coming along, slow and steady. 


“Hey mom.  BTW, we are so done with this photo shoot thing…”

(They don’t look at all alike… do they?)


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