Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy 15th Birthday Alex!


This beautiful young man turns 15 years old today.   I watch each day as he gets closer to manhood and I am just in awe of the transformation.  He seems so young and so mature all at the same time to me. 

I often wonder if it will always be this way.  Seeing Alex as “one of the babies” is nearly impossible now.  He is as tall as I am (soon to be taller, I am sure) and becoming a wonderful friend.  This year I get to teach him the finer arts of cooking (he already knows most of the basics) and I get to teach him to drive a car.  We will start to put together his kitchen and book collection for when he moves out of my house, the timing of which is already seeming too close for comfort.

It has been just recently that he and I have connected on a level that I wasn’t sure possible during the last few tumultuous years.  It has been wonderful!  I have always been able to see what an amazing father and husband he would be, but now I am starting to see what an amazing adult friend he will be too.  He is kind, considerate, and easy to say sorry when he knows he messed up.  He is a hard worker, but not overly obsessed.  And he is a compassionate young man who understands the beauty of a good gift or a thoughtful gesture. 

His getting older is bittersweet to me on so many levels, but watching him grow into a man is such a blessing and a privilege!


Happy birthday my beautiful boy!  I love you, very much!


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Tracey said...

Happy birthday to your young man.. time does wonderful things to relationships....

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