Thursday, July 14, 2011

Moments from my garden


The bees are everywhere.  The whole place is intoxicatingly green.  Sprouts are growing at alarming rates, and we have been eating food from the garden for long enough to remember it’s there before we buy it from the produce section.  I even have tiny zucchinis (that I won’t pick for at least another week… promise!)

_MG_0541-1I have loved watching my clematis climb my new arbor!  It’s so exciting!  By this time next year I could have some Henryi flowers to show for all that hard work to get the things in the ground (remember, we have nothing but rock).


Swiss chard and tomatoes (forefront and blurry) are doing really well.  The tomatoes have tons of flowers on them now.  I don’t expect fruit for another month or so… but YUM!  I went a bit overboard and planted 14 tomato plants this year… then transplanted 3 volunteers and kept 4 more right where they were.  We will see what comes of those but my plan is making all my sauce and ketchup for the next year.  I have a great sauce recipe that I use every year but please feel free to send over you best ketchup recipes!  I need them.


Like I said… the bees were everywhere.  And because it was that magic hour in the evening… they were all sluggish.  *love*


I was reminded that I had a sketch of what I wanted my garden to look like from two years ago that I made… and that my garden is almost there!  I wanted to point people towards that post to share in my garden joy.  Enjoy!



An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

So much fun to see it taking shape!

Snugbug said...

Those pictures are incredible Val- I'm in love with that fourth one with the bee and flower on the right orientation. Awesome!

Nancy Lynne said...

What are those blue flowers Val? Love the color and joyful architecture of them!
We are only getting lettuce from our garden so far, but there is a lot of promise out there!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Nancy - It's Batchlor Buttons! Aren't they incredible?! I love them... they are a favorite of mine to dry as well as they stay very bright blue and have a nice shape of petals. :)



Melanie G said...

Lovely flowers! Bees and butterflies in the garden means that your garden's ambiance is nice and perfect for living things. Keep it up.

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