Monday, July 25, 2011

My sweet 1940’s kitchen


My garden is not the only thing falling together this year.  A new surge of garage sale-ing (sailing?) has brought my kitchen together quite nicely. 


The first find was this set of beautiful milk-glass mugs that I found at Goodwill for $.89 each.


Then came more of my Pyrex collection… which is now rounded out nicely with a few gems like this Daisy 2 1/2 quart casserole and those two adorable butter dishes (first pic).


Just yesterday my vintage dreams came true when I found this incredible old, funky, blue scale at a yard sale where nearly everything else was junk (and I almost passed by). Best of all, it still works perfectly!  ($5!  Whoohoo!)

The icing on the cake was this set of beautiful blue jars! 


I have collected blue glass forever. I have always thought about of a find like this (‘dreamed of’ is a little dramatic, but it may just fit). I haven’t been lucky with the thrift stores like some other areas with the older canning stuff, but I do have my few and I love them.


Well yesterday I found these beauties and as soon as I got them home and clean I knew just where to put them:


My pantry is so happy now!  Eventually I want my kitchen to be my happy place.  Right now it is a dark hole with a floor that looks a lot like it was made from Jenga blocks with water stains and a sink that really likes to break… a lot.  But all of that will come together in time.  On our first sunny morning in weeks, this kitchen feels wonderful and bringing beautiful things into it feels really good.

Happy thrifting!



Tracey said...

I love your pantry!! All organized and wonderful! I really like how you've organized all your dry goods.. easy accessible and pretty to boot!!

Patzi said...

Wonderful pantry!

mandi said...

Oh your pantry is lovely! And I love all of your finds- especially that scale!

erika~ the inspired mama said...

i have that same yellow daisy pyrex casserole dish! it was an early summer thrifting score, along with a pair of nearly new dansko clogs for $8!!

i am currently transforming my little vintage kitchen into my happy place too ♥


Kimberly said...

Your kitchen *is* a happy place, although to me it totally feels early-70s in a "Laurel's Kitchen" sort of way. Which is a good thing :-). When guests walk into your kitchen, it's cute enough that no one is looking at the floor!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks guys! I do love it. :)

It's true, Kim. Right now it has a 1970's feel... esp with the 1960's chocolate brown oven in the wall! But that will all change. Eventually. ;)



Val in the Rose Garden said...

Kim, you are so right... I just looked up Laurel's Kitchen... I am going to post the picture with an edit. :)

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