Sunday, July 3, 2011

Through the eyes of a child - Logan, 4 years old


My sweet little boy came up to me as I was about to call him in for nap the other day and asked if he cold show me his pictures.  He had taken my purse camera and for the last 10 minutes I had seen him clicking away at all of his favorite things.  As I sat down with him and looked through all his pictures I felt truly blessed for these occasional glimpses into the world through his eyes.  Each child is such a gift and they all see the world so differently. 

I just love his view. 





I can just see myself in this picture,  bread rising in the background (you can see the flour on my shirt) stirring granola in the hot oven between 4 children’s questions and requests… trying to hurry life along….  and I say: “Ok bud.  Time for nap now.  Can I have my camera back?”  and then him: “But mama… can I just show you my pictures?  Please?”



Tracey said...

Your son did a great job!!! Very talented.. I see a future photographer in your midst!

Val in the Rose Garden said...


I just love the shot of the cat! That has to be my favorite Logan picture to date. :)



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