Wednesday, August 17, 2011

From the garden - local as local gets.


I have never planted onions before.  But this year I found a packages of Walla Walla onion sets for 99 cents!  So I grabbed them up and fit them into my garden scheme.  What a satisfying 99 cents that was!  Just look at this incredible basket of freshly cured onions I harvested yesterday!  It’s just beautiful!  I think these will be on our list for things to plant from now on.  They are very satisfying.  :)


And beans… they are always a crowd pleaser!  I got to pick tons of them for dinner… mix with garlic and a bit of salt… serve.  YUM!


These have turned out to be a new favorite too.  They are called 8 Ball Zucchini… they are very round versions of that summer favorite and I have really loved having them.  Because they are round they don’t touch the ground quite as quickly making them much less prone to rot in our cold, wet climate.  You are supposed to pick them when they are the size of an 8 Ball (as the name suggests), but last night I harvested two that were about as big around as a personal watermelon and they were still delicious!


I mixed in some organic chicken sausage, peppers, and a TON of yummy garlic and that was dinner. 

And for dessert?


A teaspoon of sugar went a long way with these garden babies… brought out the flavor just perfectly for my crew.  Enjoyed every bite!


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