Monday, August 22, 2011

Pickles and Beef Jerky

Those are officially my baby’s favorite teething foods.


With all the eating trouble I have had since he was born it stands to reason that he would have eating trouble too.  We started him on rice and bananas, then moved on to apples and pears… all the first foods type stuff.  And then he started throwing up.  Really badly. 

So I took him off all food but breastmilk (that was of course with me still eating a very limited diet) for the past two weeks.  Just this last week I have started giving him applesauce again… this time with no rice cereal… and I added in digestive enzymes into it before I feed it to him.  So far, so good.

However, he had eaten food for a week or more before we took it away… so the cat was out of the bag.  He knew EXACTLY what we were doing and he wanted it.  NOW. 

I bought some beef jerky for Don (who is doing Paleo) for a camping trip and Luke watched him eat it and started yelling at him.  I figured since he doesn’t have teeth it is probably safe to let him gnaw on it for a while.  The kid was in heaven!  He spent an hour or more with his treat and he was like a dog with a new chew toy… just sitting in his Bumbo and gnawed and gnawed all the while drooling and talking happy baby babble.


Then yesterday afternoon at lunch he grabbed at Don’s pickle.  We assumed that he would taste it, make a face and put it down…. nope.  Again.  Loved it!  Another hour of happy baby babble and not even one sour face.


So as of right now, my baby has had applesauce, pickles, and beef jerky.  No stomach issues at all.  It certainly isn’t anything I would have chosen, but it seems to be working out better than what I was trying a few weeks ago.  And it makes him very, very happy.  :)

Oh, and he’s 6 months old today. 


I don’t think it’s possible either.



SmithGang said...

Thank you so much for the tip. I tried the Beef Jerky with my sweet grandbaby Sophia and I also had a HAPPY baby all afternoon:)

dezreen said...

My son loved to chew on lemon/lime peel. We'd just give him entire lemons to gum. When he got to the pulp, he loved that too. He's definitely a pickle kind of kid, too.

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