Monday, August 1, 2011

Wildcrafting - Finding a Saskatoon Berry Bush

in my very own backyard.


Last year when we were dealing with all of the birds my cat was taking out daily from this bush in the corner of my yard I was mainly concerned with whether Cedar Waxwings were endangered.  My research showed that they are in fact a very prevalent bird and although my cat had taken down the entire flock I had in my yard, the species would live on.  I put a bell on her collar and proceeded to forget about the whole incident.  That is until this week. 

This week I went out to that same bush (which has grown really large this last year) and saw that there are hundreds thousands of berries pulling down all of the branches. 


Thinking they may be poison I started looking up what it was.  I finally found it!  It is a Saskatoon Berry, or a Western Serviceberry (I like Saskatoon better).  Not only are they not poison, but they are really tasty!  Tasting like a mild, but pulpy blueberry I have now collected about 10 cups and am about to make Saskatoon Jam!


Now I don’t, by any means, condone bird genocide by feline, but I have to admit to being really excited that there are enough for us this year!


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