Thursday, September 1, 2011

5 Ways to Pamper Your Children ~ Part 4

I have no memories of ever having a lemonade stand.  And most of my friends have bad memories at best.  However, against all advice, my daughter has become obsessed with them.  She has asked me for one every week or so all summer long.  Well, last weekend, it just so happened that a neighbor was having an estate sale.  There were signs all over the neighborhood proclaiming said sale and cars started tooling past our house about 8:15am.  How could you make a more perfect day for a lemonade stand than when you have hundreds of cars driving past your house anyway?! 

Way #4: Make dreams come true.

I told her she could have her long sought after lemonade stand and I started to make a huge pitcher of real, from scratch lemonade.  She started to pull out school desks and make signs:


She was positively BEAMING with joy as the first person got back into their car after giving her $1 for a cookie and 3 glasses of lemonade for their kids in the car.  It wasn’t long after that that a sweet old couple passed by and each bought a glass.  Soon after that the neighbor kids came over to join in the fun and together the girls made signs, and instructed their little brothers to stand on the corner and call out “Real lemonade! Mom made!  No germs!”  LOL!


Before long they had people stopping every few minutes and people even walking down to take a break from the sale for a refreshing drink.

By the end of the afternoon they had made over $15! (When your stuff costs only 25 cents, that is crazy impressive!)  They split it amongst the two families of kiddos and came in the happiest kids in the world!


Could you pass this by?  Yeah… me either.  ;)


What kind of pampering is going on in your house this week?


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Unknown said...

This is adorable! I never had a lemonade stand but I remember my friends and I making friendship bracelets and selling them during a yardsale. We had a lot of fun making and selling those bracelets. You are helping create great memories for your kids!

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