Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend on the Canal


This weekend we were invited to camp up at a friends property on Hood Canal.  It was an incredible trip! 


We spent the second day on the boat searching out the elusive Dungeness crab.



Cyan, who had never been crabbing before, was seriously impressed with the haul.  They found tons of crab (although not many big enough to eat), a Sun Star (which Cyan was able to identify for everyone on board), and saw several seals, one of which who was doing some fishing of his own.

Alex was quite chill about the whole adventure and hung out the whole time on the bow of the boat enjoying the scenery.




Logan and Noah (our friends son) sat in the back of the boat with me and seriously enjoyed the jets…



Only three crab were big enough to come home with us for dinner, but we shared an incredible meal of crab and potluck yumminess!


This was the view from our campsite. How beautiful it was to wake up to this!

Sunrise was stunning!  And due to the baby and a 42* night (fall is coming!) we were up very early making oatmeal and cocoa and had the wonderful privilege to watch the sun come up over the trees from our picnic tables!


The whole trip was amazing!  It was beautiful and I loved hanging out with our wonderful friends watching the beautiful view, reading books in lawn chairs spying eagles, grey doves, and bats fly by in the evening and just being in the wilderness. 



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An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

It sounds like great fun!

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