Saturday, September 24, 2011

What I love about you - Luke, 7 months old


I love how you hug my face when you wanted me to pick you up… and I did.

I love how you crawl the fastest on one foot and one knee.

I love it every time you scrunch up your nose when you are excited and wave your arms like you are going to attack something with all your might, and then how gentle you usually are when you actually get it.

I LOVE your babble.  So far it is just a series of “brrrrrrrah - bah - bah - bah” but it is so adorable! 


I find it really curious that you hate baths but you don’t mind sitting in the grass, even with bare legs!

I really love that you like to be outside with me and will sit in the garden and play with the chickens, or the grass, or some rocks, while I work.

Most of all, I just love you little buddy. I still watch you sleep in awe and amazement that you would be so precious, grow so fast, and learn so much in these last 7 months. You are such a blessing my sweet amazing boy!




An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

The pictures are adorable - thanks for the smile!

Sarah said...

Such a cute picture set up! Love the chalk board list. Annika just turned 9 months- went to the dr. today and weighed in at 14lb 3oz. She looks as if she would attack something when she gets excited...and usually does.

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