Monday, October 3, 2011

Answering questions from readers and authors

To answer an email: I store all of my cooking ahead recipes in mason jars in my fridge. I do not use plastic in my kitchen as much as possible.  I have two old glass pickle jars that I like the shape of and I use those but most of my stuff goes into mason jars with the plastic lids (that do not touch the food) that you can find in the canning section of any grocery store.

To respond to a comment: Ronna Welsh, who’s kitchen was the inspiration for the article “Perfectly Prepped” in Whole Living Magazine wrote me and requested that I direct all of you to her amazing website:  On her site are many more ideas along the same mise en place lines for those of us that this type of cooking resonates with. Thank you Ronna for sharing your work with all of us! (For those of you located in NY she has workshops as well.)


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