Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My sweet crazy baby


I know.  He’s all I ever post pictures of anymore… but you have to admit, he’s darn cute!  He has also taken over my life.  He is a mama’s boy like no other and he doesn’t sleep much… so neither do I.  I see him nearly every moment my eyes are open and often that is at 1, 3, 4, and even sometimes again at 5 in the AM before he wakes at 6:30.  His stomach is having issues again, and he has decided that he doesn’t want food anymore… just to nurse.  Even when he does want to eat food he wants real food, not baby food, which causes a few issues with the ingredients and makes it much harder to pin down what he may or may not be reacting too.  BUT… he is CUTE!  He is smiley, has a great personality and is just adorable to watch.  Even Logan will walk through the room and let me know if Luke is doing something cute.  Which is nearly all the time. 

He is crawling at top speed and has now been able to stand for 7 wks.  He turned 8 1/2 mos today.  It’s crazy to think that he will walk before 9 mos but I think it just may happen.  He wants to be up, mobile, and running…. and he is dedicated to it.

Here is a video from last week of him being cute and playing with a pillow he pulled down from the couch.  Obviously, he was really proud! 




Cat J B said...

Aww, too cute! But the sleep thing, Oy, hope you're getting enough!

Krystal~ said...

Wow hes getting BIG! :) You sound BUSY~ and TIRED!!! <3's

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