Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tea ‘n’ surf - Christmas!

I have a box of books in my garage that were given to me.  They are small spiral bound books that are blank aside from the company logo that was dated in 2008.  I want to cover them pretty.  I would love to find something super simple, but completely lovely to cover them to give as gifts. 

Log your memory

I found this idea from Homegrown Hospitality and she has the pattern over at her blog.  What an adorable idea, isn’t it?

And a bit of whimsy to go with it:

Pinned Image

Oh yes!  I will.  The link for these on Pinterest was dead, but I managed to find the same picture after some searching at Bockfitz.  She says it’s super simple… but it surely isn’t simple for someone who doesn’t wet felt.  Cuz I haven’t been able to figure it out yet and I have tried and tried!  (I will keep trying and let you know how if I figure it out.)

Some more things I have been thinking about making:

Fullscreen capture 11142011 43138 PM

My crafts and gifts Pinboards are just positively brimming with wonderful ideas!

Fullscreen capture 11142011 43822 PM

If only I could find the time to make some of them.  That is my next goal.  To make more time.  Winking smile

Any craftiness brewing where you are this season?



Krystal~ said...

oh Val, I love your creativity! <3

Jenny said...

I love Pinterest for ideas too. We need a Pinterest challenge to make time to give our ideas a try!

Mama Goose said...

I am going to try the pencil. It is gorgeous. Thanks for the inspiration

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Jenny that is a great idea! I'll think about how to pull it off and start my ideas brewing. :)



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