Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh the many faces of Luke…

Today was a horrible day.  It started out good, with a trip to Target and a drop off of Logan to a dear friend for a birthday celebration.  Things went very down hill from there.  We got lost for over an hour in a place called Buckley, people got in trouble, a hole was put through my living room wall, lies were told.  Just bad things… 

But tonight… tonight was Luke’s first bath alone where he did not cry.  In fact, he was having FUN!  I decided to document the occasion and then found two other collages I had made that were similar through out the last 9 1/2 mos of my life.  Just look how big my little monkey has gotten!


6 wks


6 mos



What a blessing this little man has been!  Even today he proved that as we got completely lost and the two girls in the back of my van were close to tears thinking they wouldn’t go to their party that we were headed to… Luke was fast asleep.  No complaining, no crying.  Just gentle snores from behind my seat. 

I think he would be too perfect if he actually slept through the night.  I think that’s why he has held off that blessing for so long.  I think his perfection would be just a bit too much.  Winking smile  At any rate, he is such a huge blessing and I am so glad he decided to surprise me last year.  I love him so very much!


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Sarah said...

He's adorable and getting so big....2 weeks till Annika is one....and I am so happy and in love with my little surprise too :)

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