Thursday, January 19, 2012

Of beauty and destruction…

Freezing rain comes to the Pacific Northwest:


There is more than a half inch of ice on my entire world.









This is my backyard this morning:


This cherry tree exploded while I was taking these pictures.  It is my favorite tree.  I started crying.  It shaded the whole backyard and every Spring it exploded with pink blossoms that would dangle down into our backyard.  Sigh.

And here’s the garden:



This branch broke off and fell as I was standing there with the camera.  I loped across the garden, jumping with my heart pounding, until I was at the chicken coop.  I turned around and one branch had fallen and the other had dumped all it’s ice and snow right where I was standing!


It sounded like bombs going off all over the neighborhood.  I could see branches breaking and falling from all the trees flocked with snow and inches of ice.  I am sure that yards all over the neighborhood will take weeks to clean up.  That was when I stopped taking pictures and came inside.  The beauty of the morning was not lost on me… but the destruction will take weeks to clean up and years for nature to repair. 

What a bittersweet morning!


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