Monday, February 20, 2012

Spontaneous Gratitude for a very long week

My husband’s mom had a stroke this week.  We don’t know much, but she has recovered a bit so that is a good sign that slowly she will recover some of what was lost.  We really know nothing beyond that.  We are praying hard and visiting often… but it will be a long road. 

On top of that everyone but the hubby has been sick.  The baby and I seem to have gotten the worst of it.  Sniffling, sneezing, coughing, stuffy nose, fever… basically every symptom on the back of a box of Niquil.  Yuck!

And on top of all that… our furnace isn’t working right.  It will not keep the house at any sort of normal temp.  I think our high has been 66* for the last couple days. 

I have been grumpy, sick and feeling kinda hopeless. 

So I just need to be grateful for a moment… just a moment in this hectic-as-all-get-out week that will not end for a few more hectic weeks…  I just need a few minutes to count my blessings.

(Here is the History of Spontaneous Gratitude.)

So this week I am wonderfully, amazingly grateful for:

My wonderfully warm fireplace that is keeping at least a couple rooms in the house at a temperature that will help us get well.


Projects to make feet more snuggly.

_MG_6452 - Copy_MG_6512

Evidence of warmer weather on the horizon.

_MG_6460  _MG_6462


And this sweet, precious little guy who, although he has a cold, still will put up with me carrying my camera around instead of him.


For a minute at least.


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Frannie said...

Oh Val, you and your family are in our prayers. hugs

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