Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spontaneous Gratitude for a snowy March day

This month has been interesting already. That saying ‘in like a lion, out like a lamb’… well it’s been a lion’s month so far!  Pouring down rain, wind storms, sunny mornings only to break into afternoons of hail and this morning we woke to about an inch and a half of snow!  Crazy!  By the time I got out there to take pictures an hour later it had started to melt and it’s now, (at 10:36am), it’s almost gone.  It’s moments like this that I am just in awe at the power of nature and her immense ability to be temperamental. 

I am so amazingly and immensely grateful for:


The most awesome mail ever!


Moments of the last snowfall.


In which signs of Spring shine through.


Bunnies who are being sweet and wanting to be petted.


Pancakes made by boys, who’s future family will get the benefit of him learning to cook fun things slathered in maple syrup.


New babies!!


And a whole season’s worth of potential… in a flat of dirt.

Hope the lion’s month is treating you all well!

History of Spontaneous Gratitude found here.



Mars said...

I got a copy of Taproot too! I haven't read it yet. What do you think?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I enjoyed it, although it doesn't have as many crafts as I thought it would. But perhaps those will come later? I liked the stories a lot. There are some wonderful writers in there!

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