Thursday, April 19, 2012

Garden Walkthrough - April 16th, 2012 5:42pm

Up to the left is the orchard.  Alex removed the two bushes that were blocking the orchard from view and put down free chipped wood mulch, so now, in the corner, you can see a tiny little Gravenstien apple tree in it’s pretty bed of mulch.  It’s now 5 years old so it may actually produce a few apples this year! 



This tree below is another apple.  It’s a golden delicious!


It was SO overgrown when we got it that it has taken me the last two years of pruning to get it so it isn’t tangling in itself or touching the ground, but for the first time this year it looks healthy and beautiful. We put some mulch under this one too.


See the composter a friend is letting me borrow?  Yep.  I love it.  Smile  And along the fence behind it is newly planted raspberry canes.  May they be fruitful and multiply! 



Here is my dahlia bed!  Right along the back of the house where it’s nice and warm.

Now, here’s a question for you…  Now that the grass is in the pathways, would you put wood mulch over it and make it all clean looking or would that be too ‘woody’ as I am planning on putting the bark IN the beds for mulch as well?  I remember liking the garden pathways clean and clear two years ago, but I also like the garden looking lush and green with the grass.  What do you think?



Kimberly said...

I think I'd base my walkway decision on what happens to the grass during summer. Does it stay pretty? Do the chickens leave it alone enough? I do leave the grass between my beds, but just because I don't have the money to bark mine - by August it's uugggggly!

Question: I've had trellises in my mind using conduit like it looks like you do. But what I can't figure out is how to attach the twine - did you drill holes in the conduit or something? My current trellising has to go!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Kim, I should really have you over to show you how they work. They are simple and were pretty cheap too. The most spendy thing about the whole set up was the connectors in the corners. I didn't have to drill anything... I just tied it to the top and then to staples on the beds. I really should show you. :)

Love Val

Val in the Rose Garden said...

OH! And the bark I get is free. It's from a local landscaper who comes through this area twice a day to drop off at his house. Sarah Jean and I just described to him what we would want and he drops it off for us when he has it. He says it's as easy as what he does already and hasn't charged us a penny. I'll ask him next time I see him if he goes farther down Pac for you! :)

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