Friday, June 15, 2012

Garden walkthrough - June 12th, 2012


I am so proud of this year’s garden!  It is turning into the most beautiful garden I have ever had!  The tomatoes alone make me swell with pride as I see the stalks are thick as my thumb and the tomatoes that are growing on them are large and green and filled with promise of a good harvest.


The bitties hang out in the back of the garden and dig for bugs.  I throw them the scraps and small plants I have thinned.  The rabbit gets the extras from the lettuce bed and the chickens get the slugs.  Everyone goes home happy.  Winking smile  I am out there every day.  If I am not working then I am admiring.  It is such a wonderful little space!

Come take a walk in my garden with me: 







Hope you enjoyed it! 



Frannie said...

I LOVE your garden walk-throughs!!!! It really does look like it belongs in a home magazine. we still haven't had any warm weather (above 65) here on the coast so mine is I'll live vicariously through yours for the next few weeks:)

Sarah said...

Your garden looks great! We are in a new bed this year, much bigger and are in the process of mulching the entire thing with wood chips. Yours is beautiful!

Laura said...

Gorgeous, I wish my garden looked like yours.

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