Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Luke’s pastimes - 17 months old

See me?  I am awesome.


I am also super big.  I serve my own meals.  But only when my parents are too slow.



I find things that have been put up.  They must have been saved just for me.  My parents are so nice!




I love to just chill with my snack and watch the people around me work.  I am a great observer.


Out in the yard by myself.  I go to daring heights to show people my skillz.

I am super good at playing with marbles. 

I don’t even put them in my mouth, except that one time.


I am also the best foreman in town.  I told mom how to build that whole playhouse from my fort.  The saw was scary, but the drill was fun!  Mama wouldn’t let me have it though.  She gets so touchy sometimes.


Sometimes people in my house decide to go somewhere else without me.  I let them know that is not ok.


This is my hangout.  You can only come in if I say you can.


When I am on the job, I’m the best there is.  “Out with an unoccupied suspicious.”


I was gonna get a K9 but mom made me put him back.


Yeah.  My groove is all that.  I run this joint.


Could you say no to this?

Yeah.  I didn’t think so.  *Mwah!!*



Cat J B said...

Ha, that is great! He certainly looks like he owns the joint!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Day before yesterday this was a conversation in my yard:

Me - "Oooo... Logan, look at the raspberries."

Logan - "Oooo... yum!"

Luke - "Ooooo... MINE!"

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