Thursday, August 30, 2012

{Spontaneous Gratitude for a very long week and a big bump on the head}

I think the paint fumes have finally gotten the better of me.  My throat hurts, my nose is sore, and I feel just kinda gross.  It doesn’t help that I have been painting, spray painting, or touching up painting for hours on end all week long.  I am excited to show you all how the fort is turning out, but I am waiting until it is completely done to unveil this project.  Cuz it’s that big of a project…  I has cause for ‘unveiling’!   However eager I am to finish, after a nasty bump on the head today I took it easy. It was time to slow down and stop making myself bleed.

I played blocks in the fort with the baby. 

I laid on the porch area and watched the sun through the trees as Luke sat with me and signed ‘plane!’ over and over again pointing at everything he could in the sky.
I watched episodes of British television after the kids went to bed.
I still feel like crud, but I am really hoping that will pass as I have help to finish up the stairs and the touch up paint tomorrow and I really want to be up for it!  So really, I am grateful… This life is feeling so abundant with friends and purpose I can’t even tell you.  It would be great, however, to feel a bit better physically when I wake up.

Today I am incredible grateful for:

A ripe garden tomato


A beautiful place to hang out and watch the sunset


These two little boys and the cats they feed bathwater (blech!)


A peaceful 20 minutes to relax


The history of Spontaneous Gratitude for all who are curious.  Blessings!

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Borja Fernandez-Mazarambroz Rodriguez de Almeida said...

perhaps you or your readers need this work

see you,

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