Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A friend for Logan

Look what Logan got for his first day of Kindergarten!


Logan named him Maximilian.


Some introductions went better than others.  Winking smile 


But he’s been here 3 days now and it seems that all is calming down and he is settling in well.


He’s a pretty sweet addition to the family!



ColorSlut said...

AW. What a great kitty.

erika~ the inspired mama said...

aw, so SWEET! i tried to talk my hubby into a new kitty recently but he said no way :( but, he is totally open to a puppy/young dog, and so the search begins...

Val in the Rose Garden said...

We are all pretty in love. He has this sweetest little corkscrew tail. It is either a birth defect or it got slammed in a door very early age but the very end of his tail turns completely around and spirals under. He seems to balance well and still use it just fine so I have decided it is just part of his charm.

Erika - New puppy! That's a lot of work! And so much fun. My friend has a 5 month old Ridgeback and she's a lot of work, but oh so rewarding.



Fowl Ideas said...

Top scientists agree...That's a cat.

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