Saturday, September 8, 2012

In the garden - 9:02 on a Saturday morning


The Fall plantings are going really well!  I have herbs, lettuces, and Winter greens all coming up in places that were bare just two weeks ago.  I am still watering every couple of days because we have had 43 days with no rain… which for here is nearly a record.  As the rest of the country is dreading the drought, we are reveling in it, enjoying the extra sunshine and warm nights and trying not to think about what it means for everywhere else.


A sunflower fading out as others are fading in.





One of my last purple cabbages


Oregon Sunset Heirloom tomato


Romaine Lettuce


Hello sweet lady!


Oak Leaf Lettuce

Happy Gardening!



Kari said...

Thanks for posting all of the garden pictures and tips. Could you tell me what varieties you planted in your winter garden? I live in Oregon and want to try to continue mine through winter. Do you cover it with plastic?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Hi Keri! I have two beds I cover w plastic in the winter and spring. In the winter I use these beds for carrots, spinach, brassicas, and lettuces. Some winter greens, like kale and cabbages, can stay out through all but a very heavy frost and not have an issue. I'll plant those in an uncovered box here (around Seattle WA). :) good luck!



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