Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kitchen mini-remodel or ‘from baby poo to baby blue’

When we first moved in I loved the size of the kitchen.  It is a nice big open space where you have a good work triangle and plenty of counter top space, which I had never had before.  Everything else, however, was functional but dated.  Very dated.  The stove and stove top were both 1970’s “Chocolate Brown” and the fridge was “Harvest Gold”.  There was a large empty space in the middle of the kitchen which was wonderfully open but not terribly useful. 

Quickly, we put in a pantry shelf, replaced the stovetop and fridge, and got an island from Ikea to go in the middle of the room.  But for the past three years, we have stuck with the kinda harvest yellow color of the room and just worked around it, knowing that kitchen remodels are SUPER spendy and not wanting to get in over our heads. 

Last week, I threw all that out the window.  I was dying for a change in the kitchen.  I wanted to have a happy, cheerful room that was the start of our remodeling changes, but without tons of expense.  So I settled on paint.  Paint can cover any space and change the look of any room.  I also realized that with the style of this house (built in the late 50’s) we could easily do some Shaker molding inexpensively and (with my new found love of the miter saw) pretty easily too.  The project took a day and a half, and although we still have some touch up paint to do, I think it already has made a huge improvement to the ‘baby poo yellow’.















I just love the blue and green and how cheery it has become!  It is the only room in the house that isn’t used for resting, sleeping, or learning, so I could be BOLD in this room and I love it!  This is just the start of the changes.  Every time I think about what we could do with the room I feel like my own rendition of ‘If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”. 

If you give a woman a paint brush, she may want some paint to go with it.

Then she will decide that the molding is old and broken, and want to replace it.

Then she will realize that the molding was easy and want to do the door frame too…

You could see where that could get out of hand pretty fast.  Winking smile  But I am super excited to be started on the project and to realize that it doesn’t have to render my kitchen useless for weeks to update the look of it significantly.



Amy said...

I love it Val- it really does make a difference! I love the pyrex pic over your stove- did you make that?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I didn't make the pyrex art, actually. I found it at Fred Meyers in the clearance section on a stroke of luck. I had never even seen them before! Even though we don't normally impulse buy, my husband let me get both of them because they were just SO perfect. <3 Love that man!



Rebecca K. said...

WOW! that is SO PRETTY! love it!

GAMING said...

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