Saturday, December 1, 2012

Advent 2012!

Logan was CRAZY excited to start the advent calendar this year.  He’s been excited all week!  He keeps time in ‘5 year old’ with lots of “this many days” and some of “the day after this happens it will be…” so when today finally came he JUMPED out of bed at o’dark thirty and ran to try to read what was in our advent envelope even though it was still dark.  The only word he got was ‘Santa’ and he came to the side of my bed around 6:20am to ask me to read the rest of it.  I am hoping this is not a trend that will last until Christmas day, but it sure was cute he was so excited!

Advent is very subdued this year compared to last year, but the list sounds fun as always!

  1. Breakfast with Santa at the police station
  2. Waldorf Paper Stars
  3. Christmas Movie with caramel popcorn
  4. Special chocolate
  5. Put shoes out for St Nicholas day
  6. Making snowflakes for the windows
  7. Making chocolate dipped treats
  8. Gingerbread House Party!
  9. Journey to Bethlehem
  10. Get our tree & decorate the house!
  11. Special chocolate
  12. Make cards for friends
  13. Happy St Lucia Day!  (Making St Lucia Bread)
  14. Fantasy Lights at Sprinker Park!
  15. Let’s go find some snow! (Trip to Mt Rainer)
  16. Shopping for Mama with Daddy!!
  17. Olympia Children’s Museum
  18. Wrapping gifts with Mama
  19. Making Christmas cookies for the neighbors
  20. Making gifts for the birds
  21. Making candle holders for the darkest day of the year!
  22. Zoo Lights with some hot cocoa
  23. Drive around to see the lights on the houses
  24. Christmas Dinner with Grandpa and Grandma
  25. Open your Stocking!


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