Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A little bit of food photography

I enjoy photography.  But no more than I can afford on our very limited ‘fun’ budget.  I have a 6 year old camera (but a good DSLR), a hand-me-down lens, no gadgets or timers to speak of, and free software for my limited editing.  A couple of weeks ago my macro lens bit the dust and I cried.  Seriously.  Actual tears.  It was a hand-me-down from my brother but I loved it dearly and I have been nursing it along for years through our entire debt reduction and now that we are less than a year away from being debt free, it dies.  Luckily I had my stock lens.  But anyone who has ever gotten a good lens and had to switch back to stock understands.  It’s a painful move.

Trying hard to be cheerful I started to look up new ways to improve my photography while using the stock lens.  As if the stars were aligned in my favor, this afternoon my friend Val, from Inner Child Fun, sent me this link.  One of the pictures made me gasp:

Blog food styling wide3

I gasped because sitting in my closet is a rather large white canvas that I nearly threw away last week and a box of those exact handyman clips in green that I purchased as a Christmas gift for my children to make forts. 

In 15 seconds (because the closet holding both things is two feet behind me) my ‘late winter food photography’ went from this:


To this:


Um… JOY! 

Now I know I will have to get a new lens as soon as it’s possible.  But these new tricks just may save my sanity while I wait.  Not to mention making my blog posts more fun to write and more attractive when finished!

More tips and tricks are found at the source of my inspiration today, Celebrate Creativity blog. 

Happy shooting!

(BTW - those eggs on top were collected today from my chickens.  I am glad they are not as traumatized as we were.  They apparently don’t notice the lack of their coop-mates and have upped production to compensate for their absence.  Silly, forgetful birds.)


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